International Workshop on Aliasing, Confinement and Ownership in object-oriented programming (IWACO)

July 30, 2007

in conjunction with ECOOP 2007

Berlin, Germany July 30th to August 3rd


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Accepted Papers

Ownership Meets Java, Christo Fogelberg, Alex Potanin & James Noble

Simple and Flexible Stack Types, Frances Perry, Chris Hawblitzel & Juan Chen

Maintaining Invariants Through Object Coupling Mechanisms, Eric Kerfoot & Steve McKeever

See the Pet in the Beast: How to Limit Effects of Aliasing, Franz Puntigam

Ownership, Uniqueness and Immutability, Johan Östlund, Tobias Wrigstad, Dave Clarke & Beatrice Åkerblom

Iterators can be Independent “from” Their Collections, John Boyland, William Retert & Yang Zhao

Using ownership types to support library aliasing boundaries, Luke Wagner, Jaakko Järvi & Bjarne Stroustrup

Ownership Domains in the Real World, Marwan Abi-Antoun & Jonathan Aldrich

Compile-Time Views of Execution Structure Based on Ownership, Marwan Abi-Antoun & Jonathan Aldrich

Class Invariants: The end of the road?, Matthew Parkinson

Annotations for (more) Precise Points-to Analysis, Mike Barnett, Manuel Fähndrich, Diego Garbervetsky & Francesco Logozzo

Runtime Universe Type Inference, Werner Dietl & Peter Müller

2007 State of the Universe Address, Werner Dietl & Peter Müller

Primitive Associations, Erik Ernst

Formalizing Composite State Encapsulation, Adrian Fiech & Ulf Schuenemann