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Workshop papers

  1. Johan Östlund, Tobias Wrigstad, Dave Clarke and Beatrice Åkerblom. Ownership, Uniqueness and Immutability. International Workshop on Aliasing, Confinement, and Ownership at ECOOP2007.


  1. Johan Östlund. Realizing External Uniqueness ... or how I learned to stop worrying (about representation exposure) and love the owner. My Master's thesis, Stockholm University 2005. My supervisor was Tobias Wrigstad.


  1. On the Benefits of Adding Modes on Owners (Ownership, Uniqueness and Immutability). Paper presentation at IWACO (ECOOP) 2007. Slides.
  2. Realizing External Uniqueness. Stockholm University, 2005.
  3. An overview of OOPSLA '06 for undergrads. Stockholm University 2006.


  1. IWACO 2007
  2. Software Quality Journal 2007