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03-06-24 Three more patterns added to the pattern page.
03-06-03 Still nothing on the development front sorry but it's quite turbulent at work, but at least I've been sent another pattern for the pattern page.
03-04-21 Fixed a problem with a pattern on the pattern page. I've been out with a cold the time when I had hoped to work on Stitch, so v1.3 will be delayed a week or so.
03-04-09 Several new patterns is available at the pattern page. Furthermore we finally have some good news concerning Stitch 1.3. The last week has been totally full, but before that we actually made some progress on the new version. Most of it works right now, and with luck we should have it out just after easter.
03-03-07 Two new patterns is available at the pattern page
02-10-13 A new pattern is available at the pattern page
02-11-20 It's been a busy month. I've been giving a course with students from four different sites, on two continents, and on friday I hopefully will complete my licentiate degree. So, basically I havn't had time for anything else. However, some users have been kind enough to send me four new patterns.
02-10-13 A new pattern is available at the pattern page
02-10-13 I've just been informed that somebody is selling Stitch on eBay. The asked price isn't very high, but it seems rather stupid to buy something that is free doesn't it :-) I've informed eBay and asked them to remove it.
02-10-07 Nothing new on the development front (I have been having problems with moving to a new apartment which have prevented me from doing almost anything). Furthermore I'm having problem with the new structure (much faster drawing of symbols and less memory need). However, just to keep you coming back I have some new patters which users have sent me, and that's not all. One user has translated Stitch to French. This support will be integrated in 1.3 (release date? well around christmas I hope), but you can get it right now at the download page.
02-07-08 Some persons have been getting "access violations" when using the program. Read more about it on the download page".
02-05-27 Once again I have "bad" news. I havn't had the time to work too much on the program lately. Some new FAQ entires are available though.
02-05-02 Nothing much has happend in the last weeks, so this message is just to signal that I havn't forgotten you :-) The only thing new is some new FAQ entires.
02-04-07 v1.2 is now available for download. Furthermore the screenshots page has been updated, and a new pattern has been added to the patterns page
02-03-15 Sorry, I have been too busy to add much to this page lately. Now it is time to change all that. I'm still working on a couple of bugs in the next version, so that one has to wait. However, a couple of nice people has provided me with translations of the program into Spanish, as well as a number of patterns created with the program.
01-10-31 Four new patterns added to the patterns page
01-10-30 v1.1 is now available for download.
01-10-17 v1.0 is now available for download. We have also added an example pattern to the patterns page.
01-10-15 The homepage has been moved here