[an error occurred while processing this directive] The idea is that this page shall contain free patterns. If you want your pattern to appear here, please email it to us so that we can place it here.
Susan Bells cat Merlin
Tiny big wave by Anna
Four decorations by Elin
A knotwork border by James D. Flaherty
A Mallard Drake by Evie Uretsky.
Geometrix by Dawn Imbrailo.
Some sheeps by Kelly Breau.
A Turtle by Addy Mestdach
A nice siesta by Addy Mestdach.
A heart with flowers. Unfortunately I've lost the name of the sender.
A bookmark. Unfortunately I've lost the name of the sender.
A large knot. I'm not sure about the origin. Probably a converted image.
A blue elephant by Tamara. Fitting, since my mother (for whom I originally wrote the program) collects blue elephants.
An easter frame by Tamara.
A cute bear by Tamara.
A nice clown by Tamara.
An impressive deer by Vincent Valiente.
Three patterns by Yvonne Matlosz.
Blessed be by Lynda.
A cute tropical fish from Yvonne Matlosz.
Also from Yvonne Matlosz comes 20 religous symbols These should be stitched on 18-count linen in gold.
Christine Garrett has sent two celtic knots.
Dejan & Slavica sent this wonderful butterfly. I'm no expert (I just program), but I was truly impressed by their site www.gobelin.info
A rose also from Dejan & Slavica
This pattern by Sharon Wichmann is modeled by from a rug
If you want to make a scrabble game, then this pattern by John Beck might be of help. John has some more patterns on the web.
heart mandala by Leigh Wiethoff
A nice little dog has been sent by Lynne Rasmussen
Lily is a beautiful converted image from Halina Miller. It probably have too many colors for most, but flower is wonderful.
The number of blue colors in this Grape Hyacinth could probably be decreased, but it is a nice example of a converted image. From Eileen Price
Jules has sent this classic pattern
Monica Thomas has been kind enough to share this pretty faery
Mrs Kellie Martin has kindly shared no less than nine designs she has made, two of whom you can see to the left. The baby bear is also available in a boy version. All nine patterns are available here.
This pattern is part of the standard distribution of Stitch and is only shown here to give you some idea about how the patterns will look like. Because of this we did not bother to put up the actual patter file, only two printouts, in color and with symbols.
For those who wonder what the No. heading in the symbol list means it is the number of stitches of that color. It is intended to help you estimate how much material that is needed.
This is a small set of four christmas tree ornaments. The image to the left shows one of them, and how this pattern looks when printed in symbol mode you can see here. If you only want to look at them then they can be found here.
To add these patterns to the X-Mas tab in the library, follow these steps:
  1. Close Stitch if it is open
  2. Download ornaments.zip
  3. Locate the folder where Stitch is installed. On an english machine this is probably "c:\program files\stitch". On a swedish machine it is probably "c:\program\stitch". On other machines I have no idea, but if everything else fails, do a search for Stitch.exe
  4. Unzip ornaments.zip in the folder "library\X-Mas" under the folder where Stitch is installed
  5. Start Stitch. You should now have four more patterns on the X-Mas tab