[an error occurred while processing this directive] This page describes the evolution of Stitch since v0.5. To download the latest version, please refer to our download page.
1.2 2002-04-07
The long awaited v1.2 is finally here. The reason for the long delay was that I had to rewrite a large part of the interanl communication structure. It is now much easier and more flexible which means that it is easier for me to change it. Unfortunately for those who have translated the program into other languages I also took the liberty of changin the names of all widgets in the program meaning that the old translation files won't work. Support for English, Spanish and Swedish is directly available in the program. If you have made another translation then you can send the cus.ini file to
us for conversion.
Hopefully the new internal structure hasn't led to any problems besides the translation files. At least I havn't notised anything (now that is, for about a month almost nothing in the program worked).
Among the things taken care of in this version are these:
1.1 2001-10-30
The language engine has been changed. The new engine is not as good as the old one, but it is completely free (good if you make free software), and it also allows you to translate Stitch into any language you want. For more information about how you do this, look at the
1.0 2001-10-17
Sorry, I have been too busy to do much work. Since the program seems stable enough to warrent it we have now officially launched version 1.0. The only real difference to you as a user is the much enlarged library. Unfortunately we had to change the structure, so your old library files will not work. We promise not to do this again.
0.9 2001-05-09
Well, its been a while since the last update, and it should be obvious from the list below that we have done a lot of work on the program. The program is now more or less "finished" and the only reason why we did not call this v1.0 was that we wanted to get some more tests done before this step and finish the manual. The program works flawlessly (ok, there are glitches but what do you expect for this price :) for us though, and it should be fully ok to use. The colors are defined too, and changes there should be kept to a minimum.
New Functionality Bug Fixes Cosmetic Changes
0.8 2001-03-05
Few but important changes in this version.

0.7 2001-02-23
Well, the work continues, and it looks more and more finished.
New Functionality
Bug Fixes Cosmetic Changes
0.6 2001-02-05
v0.6 brought many welcome changes.
New functionality Bug fixes Cosmetic changes

0.5 2001-01-15
While going from 0.1 through 0.5 the program has been considerably improved. New in the last couple of versions include: