[an error occurred while processing this directive] Welcome to the homepage for Stitch, a free program for making cross stitch designs. This page might not look to much currently (as with everything else it is always under construction) but have a look at the program. It is what you are here for is it not?


06-11-15 Patterns added to the pattern page.
06-06-15 Several patterns added to the pattern page. Some of thes have probably been laying around on my hard drive for over a year. I'm sorry about that. I had too much to do when I originally received them and just put them away for later processing.
06-03-07 Three new patterns added to the patterns page.
05-01-31 Well, someday I should learn not to make any statements whatsoever about this project. I've been so busy so that I havn't even been able to answer the mails I've gotten. However, I'm working my way down the pile again, and the new version of the program actually works quite well by now. But as usual, don't hold your breath.
On a more positive note some nice people have translated Stitch into German and Dutch. Both translations are available from the download page as usual. I've also been sent an impressive deer pattern that is available on the pattern page.
04-06-20 Finally some news. I've found some time for the project again, but only very little, so the work is going slow. Sorry for that folks. On the up side some nice persons have provided translations of Stitch into Portuguese (see the download page), the turtorials have also been translated, and there are some new patterns available.
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