Welcome to Michael's web page! Here you can learn a little bit about me: by reading my online CV, by testing an applet that i have written, or by browsing through the pictures that i have taken on one of my trips. The items in the menu above should be pretty self explanatory, so just go ahead and click yourself to the part you are interested in. The language i have chosen to write in is English because many people seem to be able to understand it...

This web page is mainly intended to give a general and up-to-date presentation of myself and to show some of the things i have done and accomplished. Of course another aim is to experiment with both HTML and CSS which is always fun! Some small programmes that i have done for study purposes are found under the Programming menu. This webpage is designed to be quite static and its contents will not change so often. If you want to read more about my thoughts and actions but want something more dynamic, try out my blogg.

I am testing the web site using Microsoft IE7 and Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (and sometime i get a chance to see what it looks like on Apple's Safari - thanx Eugen!). However, if you are using another browser or another version and experience weirdness i would love to hear about it - drop a comment in ..... (soon available). Thank you for taking your time to visit my web site and hope you get something from it!

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