Select EU-funded research project:
Rating and filtering of network documents


Add SELECT to your web pages
Introduction - technical details. Download a program which wil lautomatically add SELECT: Word 95 version - Word 97 version. See an example of a web page with SELECT added. See an example of how SELECT can be added to a subject tree.

Search the rated pages
Make a search in all the pages which have until now been rated by SELECT users.

Adding "Rate this" to your toolbar
You can add an item "Rate this" to your web browser toolbar. Whenever you see a web page, you can then click "Rate this" to get it rated.

Mailing list
The SELECT-NEWS is a low-volume, moderated mailing list for information about the progress of the SELECT project. To subscribe, send an e-mail to LISTSERV@SU.SE with the text in the message body:






The Project

DSV/KTH partner
The CMC research group in DSV department of the KTH technical university is a partner of this project.

Preceding project
DSV has finished an earlier project on intelligent filtering. The idea for SELECT came out of the experience from this project.

List of protocols protocol specification in Word, RTF and PDF format.

Architecture overview
Overview of the architecture of SELECT. Use of client-side proxies. Overhead slides in Powerpoint format on Protocols and News/Groupware.

Rating in subject trees
A draft proposal for adding rating to subject trees and ordinary web pages.

SELECT in KOM 2000
A specification of how to add SELECT functionality in the KOM 2000 groupware.

Rating Dice
Choices of rating dice in SELECT.

Other SELECT web pages
The web page from PVL in Austria,
the web page from SZTAKI in Hungary,
the web page from Omega, the project coordinator.


The Science

Filtering Overview
at ITS conference.

Too much email?
How to cope with too much email.

Other related research
List of links to other related research.

Short overview including list of partners and technical description of project plans.

TERENA conference presentation
Ohs from presentation of SELECT at the TERENA Networking Conference, Lund, June 1999, in PDF format.

Overhead slides
with a rather technical presentation of the status of SELECT in October 1999.

Other similar systems
Other systems with similar services are Alexa and Yep.

A statistical problem
A statistical problem, which we have not yet solved, concerning computation of aggregate ratings from atomic ratings.