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Four papers on group communication

February 1992

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Abstract: This collection consists of four parts.

Part 1 describes the main functions in Computer Conferencing Systems, both functions which almost all systems have, and functions only available in a few systems, but of value for distance education. For each function, the chapter describes how the function is implemented in some well-known conference systems and which terms are used to describe it. The chapter can be used as basis for a wish-list when procuring conference system software.

Part 2 discusses how standards for Computer Conferencing can be developed and describe the status of work in this area within ISO and CCITT.

Part 3 discusses whether the software design has any influence on user behaviour or not.

Part 4 discusses how the computer conferencing software and data base can be used to perform research on social behaviour in the systems.

A common list of References for all four papers.

Keywords: Computer Conferencing, Group Communication, Standards, Software design.

Publication: Part 1 and 2 of this paper have been published in the book Collaborative Learning Through Computer conferencing, NATO ASI Series, Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1992, ISBN 3-540-55755-5 and 0-387-55755-5.

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