Bleeding Tides

Bachelor degree project 2015

Menstruation, a matter of taboo that wants to break free.

Bleeding Tides is a sacred place where mind meets the blood.

This work is about elevating menstruation, and by that breaking the undeserving taboos menstruation for a long time has suffered. We learn to whisper about menstruation, or rather not talk about it at all, and this creates consequences for bleeding people. Many people feel ashamed about menstruating and feel that their blood is unclean. This results for instance in syndromes and illnesses not being discovered and thereby unneccessary suffering. Research prove that if we, in a young age talk more openly about our bodies and the blood, feel more positive and proud over our bodies.

My corpus pieces contain real menstruation blood, to heighten the purpose of my work. I also use materials imitating organic matter and anatomic organisms to create a mystic aura. As enhancements I use metal, golden colours and glass, shaped in elevating forms.

The objects have an empowered feeling that in this context symbolize the wonders and force of menstruation.

- Ylva Svensson