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Project Abstract

Project BlueTTT is an effort to build a J2ME P2P game. Main objective is to create communication between the peers and let then experience the game in real time. This game is to fulfill the project requirements for the course ID2216 as stated here. 

It is a simple Tick Tack Toe game played between two players over Bluetooth.

You can find the progress of the project in the schedule, all the source files and the functional JAR files will be available in the archive section. If you want to install the application in your Bluetooth enabled mobile device, you can do that by clicking on the OTA installation link. A normal PC-based presentation and Flashlite presentation of the project is also available. If you are unsure on how to get the game going, please follow the How-To section and for a complete set of device requirement for the game follow the requirements link.

For key features and options of the game, please go to the presentation page.


What's  New

  • Web page made dynamic - Mar 10
  • Audio added - Mar 9
  • Push registry working on real device - Mar 9
  • Implemented push registry - Mar 7
  • Added furnishing and fixed bugs - Mar 4
  • Basic Game is working - Feb 26
  • Game GUI canvas created & integrated - Feb 23
  • Game engine tested in real device - Feb 19

Key Milestones

  • Bug Fixing and improvement - Continuous
  • more ...

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