The ppt2smil tool is a PowerPoint macro that convert a PowerPoint presentation to a streaming SMIL presentation with audio and/or video. It can be used with, for example, a MP3 player with sound recording or a webcam.


The only thing needed is the empty PowerPoint ppt2smil.ppt presentation with the embedded ppt2smil-macro. Optimally, you can also reach the code directly:

License: GNU GPL. Please report bugs here.


This description assumes that the user has been given the ppt2smil-macro a shortcut in "File / SaveAsSMIL".

  1. At the same time:
  2. When finished stop steps in (1) at the same time
  3. Click on "File / SaveAsSMIL" in PowerPoint and a pop-up window show itself:
  4. Convert the audio or video file(s) to a format that is supported by RealPlayer and streams over HTTP:
  5. FTP the following files to the place decided in "URL-address for publication":
  6. View the presentation with RealPlayer Basic 10




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