Pierre A. I. Wijkman


Where am I?


I am a Ph.D in computer science and work as an assistant professor at The Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden. Here I teach, do research and some other fun things. Why do I work at a university? For me, it is because:

The best way to contact me is by email to pierre "at" dsv.su.se.




My focus is on adaptivity and various sorts of technical matters dealing with computers. My interest for computers and adaptivity started early in my life. I began programming computers at the age of 14 and I read "Computers and the Human Mind: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" by Fink at the same time. When I read about Samuels self-learning checker playing program there was no way out :-). I have since then tried to understand real adaptivity and ... I still do :-).

Can we fully understand adaptivity? If we describe or formalize adaptivity we are limiting the phenomena to a more specific function but is not adaptivity the very process that gets out of every such restriction? Are we defining adaptivity now? :-) Can anyone define the concept of concept?

Other areas of interest are consciousness, Maxwell's demon, non-linear systems, metaphysics, theories of everything, foundations of quantum mechanics, consciousness, free will and other philosophical stuff. I do not like determinism and dualism :-).


My favorite hobby is to activate my body. I have exercised since the age of 5 and I mostly bodybuild, run, swim and bicycle. I love exercising! I also read a lot of books and science magazines, especially in complexity, physics, biology and computer science. My favorite books are:

I also love to go to the theme park riding roller coaster, free fall and everything else that wakes you up. Wow!

Rädda Riddersviks Herrgård!

Rädda Lövsta!

Den här sidan fungerar på både stationära och mobila klienter, har hög tillgänglighet för funktionshindrade och använder webbsäkra fonter. Den följer W3C:s strikta standard HTML5 och CSS 3. Den är genererad från textfiler som använder ett egendefinerat minimalt WIKI-baserat språk och en databas. Systemet och allt material är gjort av Pierre A. I. Wijkman och är skyddat av lagen om upphovsrätt.