Love Ekenberg

PhD in Mathematics
PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences
Professor in Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University
Senior Research Scholar at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria

Phone: +46 8 16 16 79 (use sparsely please; email is strongly preferred)
Fax: +46 8 703 90 25

Address: Dept. of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, Postbox 7003, SE-164 07 Kista, Sweden


Some Background

I have been working with risk and decision analysis, i.e. development of products and methodologies within these areas, for several years and in various industrial and public sectors, e.g., risk-cost modeling and analyses from the telecom sector and national insurance policies for catastrophe events. I have also worked with logic verification of complex industrial systems for some years, inter alia at Swedish nuclear power plants.

Another interest is development cooperation and I have been involved in this for quite a while for, inter alia, EU, World Bank, Sida, WHO and Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a multitude of countries, including technical infrastructure development, IT policies and organisational development as well as human resources.

Some Recent Work

L. Ekenberg, K. Hansson, M. Danielson, G. Cars, et al, Deliberation, Representation and Equity: Research Approaches, Tools and Algorithms for Participatory Processes, 384p, ISBN: 978-1-78374-304-9, Open Book Publishers, 2017.

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K. Hansson and L. Ekenberg, A framework for describing the social production of data in crowdsourcing, proceedings of CHI workshop Crowd Dynamics: Exploring Conflicts and Contradictions in Crowdsourcing, 2016.

M. Danielson and L. Ekenberg, Architectural Considerations for Decision Analysis Software, proceedings of SOMET 2016.

Some more publicationsAc