Latest update 6 December 2004

XTen SIP Phones

The company XTen has developed a number of SIP softphones for different OS platforms. These softphone applications conform to IETF SIP standards so that it should work fine with other standard SIP clients. In addition, it has many other advanced features such as voice encryption and NAT Traversal etc. Unfortunately, X-Pro, XTen softphone for PPC is not free, and one has to buy from their website:


This guide tells you how to configure X-Lite with public SIP Proxy and call a normal telephone number through their PSTN gateway. The configuration for X-Pro should be just similar.


Here is a list of available SIP proxies connected to PSTN gateway, and we choose the Sipphone proxy in our example:


1.  Create a new account with SIPPhone

Follow this link and create a new user account.;proc=start


2.  Download and Install XTen SIP Softphone X-Lite
You can download an X-Lite directly from Sipphone website:


3.  Configure X-Lite

Start X-Lite and click on the Menu button in the red square




Then select items in sequence below
\System Settings\SIP Proxy\Default


Fill in the entries in the red square with the account information you received by email after registration (step 1.)



And finally you can call public PSTN numbers, and each free call last 1 minute.

The dial number follows the form

00 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number


E.g., a number in Stockholm looks like



4.  Miscellaneous

Skype which offers a free Skype client for Pocket PC which uses codec from company Global IP Sound, providing excellent Acoustic Echo Cancellation. This feature is extremely important for voice applications users without headset.

Make Free Calls Using

public SIP Proxy