Lisa Brouwers [Publications]

Lisa is currently working at the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control  and at the Swedish Ministry for Health and Social Affairs.
Department of Computer and Systems Sciences
Stockholm University/KTH
Forum 100
S-164 40  KISTA, Sweden
Tel:  +46 8 16 17 88
Room  7509, 7th floor, Forum

  • Saretok Paul, Brouwers Lisa, "Microsimulation of Pandemic Influenza in Sweden", 2007 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HEALTH SCIENCES SIMULATION (ICHSS' 07), The Society for Modelling and Simulation International, 73-79, 2007, ISBN 1-56555-311-X Publicerad


  • L. Brouwers, K. Mäkilä, M, Camitz. Spridning av smittkoppor - simuleringsexperiment, SMI-rapport 2006:5, ISSN 1400-3473, Smittskyddsinstitutet, Solna.
  • L. Brouwers. PhD Thesis. Dept. of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholms Universitet/KTH, Forum 100, 164 40, Kista, ISBN Nr 91-7155-076-3, ISSN 1101-8526, ISRN SU-KTH/DSV/R--05/12—SE.

Title: Microsimulation Models for Disaster Policy Making

Thesis (one large pdf)  


The thesis is also available in separate parts:

  1. Abstract (html)
  2. Introduction etc. (master)
  3. Article A
  4. Article B
  5. Article C
  6. Article D
  7. Article E
  8. Article F
  9. Article G
  10. Article H
  • L. Brouwers. MicroPox: a Large-scale and Spatially Explicit Micro-simulation Model for Smallpox Planning, in Proceedings of the 2005 Western Simulation Multiconference, International Conference of Health Sciences Simulation, New Orleans, Jan.23--25, 2005.

  • L.  Brouwers, L. Ekenberg, K. Hansson, M. Danielsson. Multi-criteria decision-making of policy strategies with public-private re-insurance systems. Risk, Decision and Policy, Taylor & Francis, Volume 9, No. 1 / January-March 2004, pp.23 - 45

  • L. Brouwers and H. Verhagen. Applying the Consumat Model to Flood Management Policies, Agent-Based Simulation 4 , April  28--30, Montpellier, France. 
  • L. Ekenberg, L. Brouwers, M. Danielson, K. Hansson, J. Johansson, A. Riabacke, A. Vári. Flood Risk Management Policy in the  Upper Tisza Basin: A System Analytical Approach -- Simulation and Analysis of Three Flood Management Strategies, Interim  Report IR-03-003, IIASA. PostScript
  • L. Brouwers. Spatial and Dynamic Modeling of Flood Management Policies in the Upper Tisza, Interim Report  IR-03-002, IIASA. 

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  • L. Brouwers, A Collective Level of Social Concern, In Proceedings from the Workshop on Emerging Issues in Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden.

  •  Boman M., Brouwers L., Hansson K., Jansson C-G, Kummeneje J., and Verhagen H., Norms for Artificial Agent Action in Markets, IAT99 Workshop on Agents in Electronic Commerce. 
  • Brouwers L. and Hansson K., Evaluating a Knowledge Based Matching Technique in a Classified Ad Service System on the WWW, Master's thesis, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV).

  • Reviewer for the JASSS, 2006, 2007.
  • Auxiliary Reviewer for the ICMAS 2000 , 1999.