My Computer Life

I am relay glad because you interest to visit my computer link. I know my family members and specially my wife hate this page. Any away what do you need to know about my computer life?

When I was studying in A/L (1990) first time I touched a computer keyboard. That machine was perfectly run basic with 256K memory without hard disk. I learned BASIC. That was my start!!

After my school life, I followed a computer course at Open University, Sri Lanka. I got a chance to touch computers with 8080 processor, 640K memory, floppy disks and 10MB hard disk. It was a fantastic experience for me. Finally I learned PASCAL and C.

In 1993, I entered University of Colombo, Sri Lanka and followed B.Sc. Computer Science Special Degree. First time I touched a mouse here. That time, when I was expriencing a windows 3.1 PC, I thought Microsoft really producing excellent softwares.

I got my own PC in 1996 with help of my parents. Windows 95 was installed on it. It was GOOD experience. So I don't think to upgrade my windows operating system until Microsoft release two or three service packs with thire new version.

I typed at the Netscape browser's location bar in 1996. It was my first Internet experience. I really surprised. Exactly after one year I wrote a web robot and made my own search engine. It was my final year university project.

After my university studies I joined my university as System Analyst in 1998. I like university life because I like KNOWLEDGE and don't like MONEY. In November 1998 I met a wonderful professor, Sead at IITC'98 conference in Sri Lanka. When he was talking public key cryptography, certificate authority and electronic commerce security again I surprised. Exactly after one year I published a paper at same conference about electronic commerce security and wrote a certificate authority under kind guidance of professor Sead in 1999.

This is not the end. I have just started my computer life.

Updating knowledge is really hard especially in computer field. That's why I need to spend more and more time with my computers. If you read up to this line, it means you also really interest to spend your time with computers. So why don't you visit my bookmarks?