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EKP - Enterprise Knowledge Patterns

The EKP approach is a generic approach to capture, reason about, and document organisational knowledge for future reuse. The EKD component of EKP is a general problem-solving instrument, which can be used for a number of purposes ranging from systems development to Knowledge Management. EKP is developed by KTH (Sweden), Univ. of Paris-1 Sorbonne, (France), UMIST (UK) in European ESPRIT projects F3 - From Fuzzy to Formal (No 6621), ELKD - Electrical Knowledge Development (R20818), ELEKTRA - Electrical Enterprise Knowledge for Transforming Applications (No 22927), and IST project HyperKnowledge1 (No IST-2000-28401).

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EKP address issues such as:

Consulting in EKP has three areas of concern: Contact: Janis Stirna (js@dsv.su.se) or Anne Persson (anne.persson@ida.his.se)

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