Connecting Talback Forums to arbitrary Web Pages

Talking back to the WWW

While e-mail and netnews support interaction between users, typical WWW communication is uni-directional -- from the web page creator to the reader, but with no facility for talkback from the reader to the creator or between readers. This paper discusses how talkback can be added to the WWW and presents how this is implemented in the KOM 2000 system.

Talkback service ideas and implementation issues
about talkback presented at the TERENA conference, June 1999. Overhead slides in PDF format.

How to add talkback to your own web pages
This web page explains how you can add talkback to your own web pages.

List of references
List of references on this topic.

How to Succeed
How to Design Successful Talkback Services.

The KOM Forum software
Talkback uses the KOM forum software.

Web Talk Getting Crowded
A Wired paper on talking back facilities.

Subscribe to news about it
A low-volume moderated mailing list for announcing news about the KOM 2000 system and the talkback services.

Talkback developer: DSV
The CMC research group in DSV department of the KTH technical university is a partner of this project.

A related project: SELECT
The SELECT project aims at developing social filtering (rating) services.

Other similar services
Third voice