Internet Law in Sweden

Swedish Supreme Court Declares the EU Data Directive Unconstitutional  
The Swedish Supreme Court has in a decision on the 12 June, 2001, decided that the EU data directive is partially unconstitutional. In particular, the court says that the act cannot be used to stop serious debate on the Internet.

BBS Act  
requires Internet service providers to check for, and remove, illegal items on their sites.

Data Act and the
Personal Information Act

The Data Act, if interpreted literally, would forbid almost every Web page which contains the name of any person. The Personal Information Act closely mirrors an EU directive , so other EU countries may have similar conflicts with freedom of speech. The intensive public debate on this law may change the way the law is applied . Adherence to the law is controlled by the Data Inspection Board

The representative system for electronic democracy
The representative system combines direct democracy with representative democracy, giving the best of both systems.

Documents on Swedish legislation in the FindLaw data base.

Other countries  
Internet law in other countries.

Attempts to Regulate the Internet
Successes and failures of the Swedish government.

The Swedish Social Security Number Issue
A short overview of the issue and debate regarding the social security number in Sweden.

Petition for a software patent free Europe

What is Right and Wrong
A discussion about whether computers can decide what is right and wrong.

Law and order on the Internet  
Overview of the general principles of ethics and legal regulation of e-mail.

Combatting computer crime 
What methods should be used, and what police methods should be allowed, in combatting computer crime?

Anonymity on the Internet 
Uses and abuse of anonymity on the Internet. What should be protected, what should not be allowed?

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