Which Choice is Yours?

Ask people for their views

Abstract: Experience shows that there are psychological problems with discussions via e-mail. The reason for these efficiency problems is probably the long turn-around-time and the lack of body language and voice inflection. This specification describes a proposed service, which intends to alleviate this problem by helping people in a discussion group find out the views of each other without an overflow of messages. If this service is successful, it will make use of electronic mail more efficient.

Directory of files on the directory

group-evaluation-index.html The file you are reading now.
group-evaluation.abs.html A short description of the planned service.
group-evaluation-query.txt Example of query text in plain text format.
group-evaluation-query.html of query text in HTML format.
group-evaluation-spec.doc Specification file in Word 97/98 format.
group-evaluation-report.html Example of result report page.
group-evaluation-spec.rtf Specification file in RTF format.
group-evaluation-service1.html Query specification page, step 1.
group-evaluation-service2.html Query specification page, step 2.
small-ball.gif GIF file used in some of the web pages.
which-choice-is-yours.gif GIF file with heading of specification pages.
state-your-views.gif GIF file with heading of query text page.
group-evaluation-report.gif GIF file with heading of result report page.