Computer bugs from many years ago

Computer bugs from the 1960s and 1970s

By Jacob Palme

In the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s, I was mostly using the Fortran programming language. Here are some stories of weird things which happened using the IBM Fortran G and Fortran H compilers.

Optimize a little too much?
I wrote a Fortran program containing the following statement:

  IF <I.EQ.I/100*100> WRITE...

The idea with this code was that the WRITE statement would be executed only for every 100th iteration of the loop. Since I/100*100, using integer arithmetic, will only be equal to I if I is a multiple of 100.

This worked all right with the normal Fortran G compiler. But when we got the new, super-duper highly optimizing Fortran H compiler, the WRITE statement started executing for every iteration in the loop, instead of every 100th!

It is not too difficult to guess what the optimizing compiler did with this code!

And here is how I found out that 2+2=6.

I wrote the following FORTRAN function:


This function was then called from another subroutine with the following call:


And the value of I after this piece of code was not 4 but 6!

Again, I leave it to the reader to guess what had happended.

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