Scientific Communication
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CMC Magazine Professional net magazine
The general public democratic information system Conventional large document
Multi-country software development Window width effects
IETF Meeting August 1998 notes Avoid wide columns, pictures
Web ruler Avoid wide columns
KOM 2000 help texts Split document into frames, RTFtoHTML, styles for column width
CNET Digital Dispatch Paged net magazines
Web4Groups summary Pictures in web info
SeniorOnline Picture, text
Select Picture, text
Information filtering Picture, text
Can computers decide what is right and wrong? Picture, text
Internet application protocols and standards Logo, saving download time
Familjen Palme Saving download time
Bokförlaget höst Logo
Zygraphics logo makers Logo
Why people use CMC Logo
Polisvåld Logo
Electronic mail Publish URL with additions/corrections
Internet standards exams Reference links
Other Documents Directory of links
KOM 2000 DU extensions Application design
Other KOM 2000 extensions Application design, styles for link colour
Which choice is best? Application design, multi-page forms
Web4Groups user interface Application design, reduce download time
Paul's research project Demo of Javascript - OnMouseOver
Creating Killer Web Sites David Siegels book
Yahoo Page Creation Yahoo index
Microsoft CSS Gallery Beware: May not work with Netscape!
Avoding long lines 1 How to avoid too long lines - using tables
Avoding long lines 2 How to avoid too long lines - style attribute to body element, pixel sort
Avoding long lines 3 How to avoid too long lines - style attribute to body element, ex sort
Avoding long lines 4 How to avoid too long lines - style sheets - does not work!!!