How to get in contact with Jacob Palme

Last update: 12 July, 2014 by Jacob Palme, E-mail:

By phone

Call +46-8-664 77 48.
Easiest times to reach me is in the afternoon, between 13-14, but I do not promise to be available at that time. This time is recommended on all days of the week. If I do not answer at that time, call my wife and ask her to give a message to me. Her phone number is +46-8-664 60 92. Times are Western European Time (winter: GMT+1, summer: GMT+2). I do not mind at all if you call on weekends. I do not accept phone call from telemarketers, and absolutely never buy anything from phone sellers, and never do contracts by phone.

By e-mail I get very much e-mail, so I may not read your message until after a couple of days.

Information in Swedish only: Skriv "VIKTIGT" i ärenderaden om du är angelägen att nå mig.

By facsimile (fax)

I am not reachable by facsimile (fax) anymore. Send scanned images as attachments to e-mail, if you need something similar to fax.

By postal mail

Fastest way to reach me by postal mail is at my home address:

Jacob Palme
Skeppargatan 73
S-11530 Stockholm

Do not send mail for me to DSV.

Getting to my home

To get to my home, take the subway to the Karlaplan station, exit by the Tessinparken exit, find the street Strindbergsgatan, walk to Strindbergsgatan 38 (about 10 minutes walk from Karlaplan), then enter the yard, find the Skeppargatan 73 entrance, use the entry-phone (porttelefon). You can also get to my home by buses 1, 4, 62 and 72, bus stop "Jungfrugatan".

Map of where I live (This map in PDF format for printing on paper)


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