Books by Jacob Palme

Books by Jacob Palme

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Electronic mail
An overview of electronic mail from social, psychological, organizational and technical viewpoints. Additions on the web makes the book always up-to-date.

Application layer protocols and standards
I have for several years worked on a new book about Internet application layer protocols and standards. I am not sure if I will ever finish the book. But some chapters are ready, and can be downloaded in PDF format.

The books below have only been published in Swedish:

Fortran if you know Algol
(Swedish title: Fortran för den som kan Algol.)

Programming languages

(Swedish title: Programmeringsspråk.)

Humans in the Computer Society

(Swedish title: Människorna i datorsamhället.)

Discussion books

Beware of MRA
(Swedish title: Varning för MRA.)

Free Abortion

(In Swedish, Swedish title: Fri abort.)

These books have only been published in Swedish, Danish and Russian.

An innocent Girl from the Countryside
(Swedish title: En oskyldig flicka från landet.)

Bombs in Stockholm

(Swedish title: Det smäller i Stockholm. )

The bankrobber
(Swedish title: Bankrånaren.)

A crime against a woman
(Swedish title: Lik och jämlikhet.)
Katrin knew too much. That is why she had to be killed. But what kind of misguided loyalty stopped her from going to the police for protection?

Secret Power
(Swedish title: Hemlig makt.)
During the cold war, a group of Americans got the idea that the communists were going to take power in Sweden. This had to be stopped.

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