List of links to web design guides

Links to Web Design Guides

Here is a list of links to documents with good advice for designing neat WWW pages and sites:

Title URL Comment
Learn to code HTML & CSS Complete and simple html tutorial.
John December's Web Development pages A systematic approach to web design.
(In Swedish) En stilguide för väven A good introduction (in Swedish) to HTML layout principles.
Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide A very comprehensive web design guide.
Style guide for on line hypertext A good introduction to web style guide principles.
Style guide for on-line hypertext A classical web design guide by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the WWW.
The Webmaster's Reference A web site with lots of pages and likes with different kind of web design information.
Internet World Online (US) The U.S. edition of the Internet World has lots of articles with interesting information on various web design topics.
web-safe palette How to get smooth colour in web graphics.
Web Ruler A GIF image you can temporarily paste into your web pages to check their widths.
Coding for Kids Tools for teaching children to code.

Some web pages which you can discuss the structure of:

Title URL Comment
The Palme Building Jacob Palme's private web site, shows how tables can be used to build a house with windows and doors.
On the Psychologist's Couch Where the comics are important, and the extraneous information should be unassuming.
SALUT No language should dominate more than any other language.
KOM 2000;login A way of showing how you got where you are (navigation).
Yahoo Yahoo home page.
Yahoo Tree structure of the Yahoo home page.
To outsource or not to outsource An article in the on-line newsmagazine Internet World.
Disquiet in New York An article in New York Times.

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