*:96 Internet application protocols, list of references

*:96 Internet application protocols and standards course, list of references

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Document where the whole document is not part of the mandatory reading for the course, but which can be of interest if you want to learn more. After the word "Reference" you will sometimes find an identifier for this book, which is used in other references to refer to particular chapters in the referenced book.
Mandatory reading, included in the set of papers copied and sold to the students, you are not allowed to use this document during the exam.
Mandatory reading, included in the set of papers copied and sold to the students, you are allowed to use this document during the exam.

If the URL does not work

If an URL in a link to a document of type draft does not work, try to modify the URL draft number. For example, if "draft-ietf-xxx-03.txt" does not work, try with "draft-ietf-xxx-04.txt" and "draft-ietf-xxx-05.txt". If no such version with a higher number can be found, the document may have become an RFC instead of a draft, look in the RFC directories (http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/Internet-documents/rfc/) for it. A list of all RFC-s can be found in http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/Internet-documents/rfc/rfc-index.txt.

Where to find Internet specification documents

A good place to look for Internet specification documents is the Internet Spec List at URL:http://www.graphcomp.com/info/specs/ or the IETF home page at URL:http://www.ietf.cnri.reston.va.us/
Topic Title, etc. Validity App. Size
*:96 Internet application protocols, course overview. Mandatory
*:96 Internet application protocols, list of references. Mandatory
 Books Netscape Netsite documentation, appendix on CGI programming. Can be ordered from Netscape, phone +1-415-428-4330. Reference 43
 Books Internetworking with TCP/IP, Volume I, Principles, Protocols and Architecture, by Douglas E. Comer, Prentice-Hall, 1995 ISBN 0-13-227836-7 Reference: ITI-1 600
 Books TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1, The Protocols, by W. Richard Stevens, Addison-Wesley, 1994, ISBN 0-201-63346-9. Reference: TI-1 600
 Books TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 3, by W. Richard Stevens, Addison-Wesley, 1994, ISBN 0-201-63495-3. Reference: TI-3 328
 Books ASN.1 - The Tutorial & Reference, by Douglas Steedman, ISBN 1-871802-06-7, Technology Appraisals, United Kingdom. Reference: ASN1 171
Chapters Internet application protocols and standards, by Jacob Palme.    
ABNF Augmented BNF for Syntax Specifications, URL:ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/Internet-documents/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-drums-abnf-03.txt. Exam 8 (4)
ASN.1 ASN.1 syntax (basic items), sid 127-145 ur ASN1. Exam 18
ASN.1 ASN.1 Övningsuppgifter (för lösningar: Se OH-bilder part 10) Mandatory 8
ASN.1 Solved exercises on ASN.1 and ABNF,URL: http://dsv.su.se/jpalme/internet-course/ASN.1-exercises.html. Mandatory for students who cannot read Swedish 16 (8)
ASN.1 A Layman's Guide to a Subset of ASN.1, BER, and DER: http://www.rsa.com/rsalabs/pubs/PKCS/ Reference 36
ASN.1 and ABNF Coding methods Mandatory 41
Caching Distributed systems,URL: http://www.eecs.harvard.edu/~vino/web/push.cache/node7.html. Mandatory 4 (2)
Caching Cache Consistency Mechanisms,URL: http://www.eecs.harvard.edu/~vino/web/push.cache/node9.html Mandatory 2 (1)

The WWW Common Gateway Interface Version 1.1", D. Robinson, February 1996,URL:http://www.graphcomp.com/info/specs/cgi11.html


CGI Tutorial, by Bob Paauw, 1995,URL: http://www.bobsplace.com/cgi-tutorial/

Character sets RFC 2277: IETF Policy on Character Sets and Languages. Reference 9
Character sets RFC 1345: Character Mnemonics and Character Sets. Reference 103
DNS RFC 1034: Domain Names - Concepts and Facilities. Exam 55 (28)
DNS The Domain Name System (DNS) ITI-1 sid 383-405. Mandatory 23
DNS 1035: Domain Names - Implementation and Specification. Reference 55 (28)
E-mail Electronic Mail (822, SMTP, MIME), ITI-1 chapter 25, pp 433-446. Mandatory 34
E-mail Electronic Mail, by Jacob Palme, Artech Books 1995, ISBN 0-89006-802-X. Reference: EM 267
E-mail The Internet Message, Closing the Book with Electronic Mail, by Marshall T. Rose, Prentice Hall 1993, ISBN 0-13-092941-7. Reference: IM 600
E-mail IMAP RFC 1203: Interactive Mail Access Protocol - Version 3, (Obsoletes RFC1064). Exam 50 (25)
E-mail IMAP Other approaches, IM chapter 5.3, pp 205-206. Mandatory 2
E-mail POP Post Office Protocol - Version 3, RFC 1939 (Obsoletes RFC1725). Exam 24 (12)
E-mail POP Post Office Protocol, IM chapter 5.2, pp 192-204. Mandatory 12
E-mail security RFC 1848: MIME Object Security Services. Reference
E-mail security RFC 1421: Privacy Enhancement for Internet Electronic Mail: Part I: Message Encryption and Authentication Procedures. Reference
E-mail security RFC 1422: Privacy Enhancement for Internet Electronic Mail: Part II: Certificate-Based Key Management. Reference
E-mail security RFC 1423: Privacy Enhancement for Internet Electronic Mail: Part III: Algorithms, Modes, and Identifiers. Reference
E-mail security RFC 1424: Privacy Enhancement for Internet Electronic Mail: Part IV: Key Certification and Related Services. Reference
E-mail security RFC 1847: Security Multiparts for MIME: Multipart/Signed and Multipart/Encrypted. Reference
E-mail, format RFC 822: Standard for the format of ARPA Internet text messages.. Exam 50 (25)
E-mail, MIME RFC 2045: N. Freed, N. Borenstein, "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies", 12/02/1996.. Exam 31 (16)
E-mail, MIME RFC 2046: N. Freed, N. Borenstein, "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Two: Media Types", 12/02/1996.. Exam 44 (22)
E-mail, MIME RFC 2047: K. Moore, "MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Part Three: Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text", 12/02/1996.. Exam 15 (8)
E-mail, MIME RFC 2048: N. Freed, J. Klensin, J. Postel, "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Four: Registration Procedures", 01/28/1997. Exam 21 (11)
E-mail, MIME RFC 2049: N. Freed, N. Borenstein, "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Five: Conformance Criteria and Examples", 12/02/1996.. Exam 24 (12)
E-mail, notifications RFC 1891: SMTP Service Extension for Delivery Status Notifications. Exam 32 (16)
E-mail, notifications RFC 1892: The Multipart/Report Content Type for the Reporting of Mail System Administrative Messages. Exam 4 (2)
E-mail, notifications RFC 1893: Enhanced Mail System Status Codes. Exam 16 (8)
E-mail, notifications RFC 1894: An Extensible Message Format for Delivery Status Notifications. Exam 40 (20)
E-mail, transport RFC 1869: SMTP Service Extensions (ESMTP). Exam 6 (3)
E-mail, transport RFC 821: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Exam 68 (36)
Exam Demo exam August 1996. Mandatory
Exam Exam 1996-09-20 with correct answers. Mandatory
Exam Exam 1996-10-11 with correct answers. Mandatory
FTP RFC 959: File Transfer Protocol, January 1985. Exam 69 (14)
FTP FTP: File Transfer Protocol, in TI-1, pp 419-439. Mandatory 20
HTML Wilbur - HTML 3.2, URL: http://www.htmlhelp.com/reference/wilbur/. Mandatory 100 (50)
HTML HTML 3.2 Reference Specification W3C Recommendation 14-Jan-1997, URL: http://WWW.w3.org/TR/REC-html32. Optional 41 (21)
HTML HTML 4.0 Specification W3C Working Draft 8-July-1997, URL: http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/html40.pdf Exam 265
HTML Space: The First Frontier, by Wayne Bremser,URL: http://www.iw.com. Mandatory
HTML Welcome to the World Wide Web!, by Mark Maimone, Carnegie-Mellon University,URL: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs.cmu.edu/Web/People/mwm/tutorial. Mandatory
HTML Att göra Web -sidor på Macintosh. Mandatory 14 (7)
HTML Avoid the Five Cardinal Graphical Sins, by David Busch,URL: www.iw.com. Mandatory
HTML Producing safe Web graphics,URL: http://dsv.su.se/jpalme/web-ruler.html. Optional 1
HTML En stilguide för HTML, av Karl-Johan Norén, URL: http://www.dsv.su.se/~k-j-nore/stilguide/ Optional 14
HTML A table of guides to good HTML writing, URL: http://dsv.su.se/jpalme/internet-course/web-design-link-list.html Optional 1
HTTP RFC 2068: R. Fielding, J. Gettys, J. Mogul, H. Frystyk, T. Berners-Lee,"Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1", 01/03/1997 Exam 162 (81)
HTTP HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol, chapter 13 in TI-3, pp 161-176. Mandatory 16
HTTP, Cookies RFC 2109: HTTP State Management Mechanism Exam 24 (12)
HTTP, Cookies Cookie central at URL http://www.cookiecentral.com/ Reference
Media types IANA directory of registered Media Types at URL: ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/iana/assignments/media-types/media-types. Exam 25 (13)
LDAP, X.500 Understanding X.500 - The Directory by D. W. Chadwick Chapter 2 Mandatory, other chapters Reference 50 (25)
LDAP, X.500 RFC 2251: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Exam 50 (25)
LDAP, X.500 RFC 2252: Lightweigth Directory Access Protocol (v3): Attribute Syntax Definitions Exam 32 (16)
NNTP RFC 1036: Standard for interchange of USENET mesages, January 1987. Exam 20 (10)
NNTP RFC 977: Network News Transfer Protocol, February 1986. Exam 28 (14)
NNTP NNTP: Network News Transfer Protocol, chapter 15 in TI-3, pp 207-217. Mandatory 11
OHs OH-s for *:96, part 1: Networking basics, DNS. Mandatory 40 (10)
OHs OH-s for *:96, part 2: ABNF, URL, Media Types. Mandatory 26(7)
OHs OH-s for *:96, part 3: E-mail. Mandatory 36 (9)
OHs OH-s for *:96, part 4: POP, IMAP, NNTP. Mandatory 17 (5)
OHs OH-s for *:96, part 5: FTP. Mandatory 13 (4)
OHs OH-s for *:96, part 6: HTML. Mandatory 81 (11)
OHs OH-s for *:96, part 7: WWW, HTTP. Mandatory 10 (3)
OHs OH-s for *:96, part 8: Directory systems, PICS. Mandatory 28 (7)
OHs OH-s for *:96, part 9: Standards development process (in Swedish). Mandatory 16 (4)
OHs OH-s for *:96, part 10: ASN.1 (in Swedish). Mandatory 16 (4)
OHs OH-s for *:96, part 11: Lösningar till ASN.1 övningsuppgifter (in Swedish). Mandatory 16 (4)
PICS PICS: Internet Access Controls Without Censorship, by Paul Resnick and James Miller,URL: http://www.bilkent.edu.tr/pub/WWW/PICS/iacwc.htm. Mandatory 10 (5)
Port numbers IANA Registry of Internet Port Numbers,URL: ftp://venera.isi.edu/in-notes/iana/assignments/port-numbers. Exam 25 (13)
URLs RFC 1738: Uniform Resource Locators (URL). Exam 55 (28)
URLs A Beginner's Guide to URLs,URL: http://www.ijs.si/lynx_help/URL_guide.html . Mandatory 2 (1)

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