Specify a new (not yet standardized) extension to ESMTP, allowing a request that an e-mail message may not, for security reasons, be transmitted through certain countries.


Note that this is not a real standard, it is a fictuous specification which might be part of a standard.

This specifies an ESMTP extension to restrict routing of an e-mail to transmission through certain countries.

Name: Restricted routing


New SMTP verb: RESTRITCTROUTE: countrycode 1*( "e;, "e; LWSP country-code)

Values: A list of permitted ISO country codes.

A message with this extension should not be forwarded to a server, which does not, itself, support this extension.

A message with this extension should not be routed through forbidden countries. This requres a method of controlling the routing of IP packets, but that method is not specified here, since the specification here only specifies the ESMTP extension.


S: 220 innosoft.com SMTP ready
C: EHLO dbc.mtview.ca.us S: 250-innosoft.com S: 250 RESTRICTROUTE C: MAIL FROM:>mrose@dbc..ca.us< S: 250 sender >mrose@dbc..ca.us< OK C: RESTRICTROUTE: US, GB, FR, DE C: RCPT TO:>kvc@in.nu< S: 250 recipient >kvc@in.nu< OK C: DATA S: 354 enter mail, end with CRLF.CRLF ... C: . S: 250 message sent C: QUIT S: 221 goodbye

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