The screen clipping above was taken from http://www.rsac.org/. How do you believe the HTML code behind this part of a web page looks like ?

Possible answer

Below is how the web page actually looks like. A correct answer must of course not be identical to this. It could show three <img>-s with at least an <a> surrounding the middle image, since the text on that image "Click here to register your websites" clearly shows that it is a hyperlink.

<a href="howto/index.html">

<img src="images/howto.gif" alt="How to Use Explorer &amp; RSACi together." border="0" width="195" height="115">

</a> <a href="sponsor.html"><img src="images/register.gif" alt="Webmasters! Register with RSACi!" border="0" width="195" height="115">

</a> <a href="faq.html">

<img src="images/faq.gif" alt="RSACi FAQ" border="0" width="195" height="115"></a>

Other correct answers:

One single image map would also be correct. Some students tried to construct the contents of the images with tables inside tables, and this would also work.

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