Compare pros and cons for different ways, when communicating with users using HTTP/HTML, for the server to ”remember” who the user is and what the user has done in earlier steps of the dialouge between user and server.


Method Pros Cons

Hidden fields in pages sent to the user (0,5)
  1. Will only work if user accesses from a page where the hidden field is placed (2).
  2. In some cases, requires transmission of much information back and forward between user and server (1).

Parameters in URLs in pages sent to the user (0,5) User can save or bookmark the URL and reuse it at a later time (1).

Parameters are shown in the address field, which can be a problem if they contain passwords or other secret information (1).

Cookies (0,5) Can be remembered also if user does something else in the meantime.
  1. Can only store a limited amount of information (1).
  2. Some users disable cookies (1).
  3. Does not work if more than one person uses the same work station (1).
  4. Security risks if information is saved too long, and someone else may then use the computer to impersonate the previous user (1).

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