Write a specification, in a format which might be submitted to a standards organisation, of an extension to HTTP which would allow the requestors to specify their religion, and then get the version of a web page which is appropriate to their religion. It is an advantage if you allow users to specify more than one religion, in order to get a web page adapted to any of these religions.


The Accept-Religion request-header in HTTP can be used to indicate to which religions web pages, which are available adjusted to multiple religions, should adhere.

Accept-Religion = "Accept-Religion" [LWSP] ":" [FLWSP]
                  religion *("," FLWSP religion)
religion        = majorreligion ["-" subreligion]
majorreligion   = "Christian" / "Islamic" / "Buddhist" /
otherreligion   = 1*ALPHA			  
subreligion     = 1*ALPHA

Religions are listed in order of preference.

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