Specify an SMTP service extension to prevent a message to be routed through MTAs in certain countries, on its way from sender to recipient.


The Skip Countries (SKIPC) ESMTP extension specifies that a message should not be transmitted through certain countries.

The name of the Skip Countries service extension is "SKIPC".

The EHLO keyword value associated with this extension is"SKIPC".

A new SMTP verb "SKIPC" is defined. The SKIPC verb should be specified before any RCPT-TO verb for a particular message, and is valid for this message only. The syntax of the SKIPC verb is:

skipc = "SKIPC" ":" domain *(" " domain)
domain = domainpart *("." domainpart)

Example to stop a message from passing Russia or Siemens in Germany:

S: <wait for connection on TCP port 25>
C: <open connection to server>
S: 220 dbc.mtview.ca.us SMTP service ready
C: EHLO dsv.su.se
S: 250-dbc.mtview.ca.us says hello
S: 250
C: MAIL FROM:<jpalme@dsv.su.se>
C: SKIPC:ru siemens.de

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