Write a specification of how e-mail standards might be extended to allow the sender to specify, for each body part, whether it is to be shown on a screen or printed on paper or handled in some other way.


Since Internet e-mail standards are specified using ABNF, it is natural to specify also extensions in the same way. According to MIME, headers which can be specified on each body part should have a name beginning with "Content-".


content-display-header = "Content-Display:" [CFWS]
                          display-method [CFWS] CRLF
display-method = "screen" / "print" / "other"


The "Content-Display" header gives a recommendation of how a receiving UA is to show this body part to the user.


Syntax: 5, Semantics: 1
No linear white space specification -1
No CRLF accepted without penalty

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