What is meant by cascading style sheets and where are they used?


CSS is a language for thespecification of the layout (position, size, font, etc.) of different parts of a document, in a specific style sheet language. They are used to assign style to parts or elements of documents in the HTML, XML and other formats.
     CSS can either be included in a document or referenced indirectly by the URI for a separate CSS file. It is also possible to specify that different style sheets are to be used when presenting a document on different media, such as screen, paper, etc. By "cascading" is meant that there can be more than one style sheet for a document, and there are then rules for deciding which of them to apply to each element in the document.
An advantage with CSS is that you can specify style information in a single file, and use it in many documents, and can then change the style of all the documents by changing in only a single place. A problem is that (when this is written, May 2000) web browsers do not always support CSS correctly and consistently.

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