From:      Jacob Palme <>
To:       All e-mail users <>
Date:     28 March 1998

How to Receive HTML E-Mail


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If you receive HTML-formatted e-mail, which you cannot read with your mail program, this can be because your mail program cannot display HTML e-mail at all, or that your mail-program can not handle the particular HTML features used in the mail you are trying to read.

Here are some actions you might take to read such mail:

  1. Use a command called something like "Preview in Browser" which is available in many mail programs. This will show the e-mail using a web browser.
  2. Ask the sender to set his mail program, so that it sends HTML e-mail with both a plain text and an HTML version of the same mail. If your mailer cannot read HTML at all, it will probably show the plain text version, or show both versions, with the plain text version first. The disadvantage with this, of course, is that you will miss any HTML-specific information in the message.
  3. Ask the sender to set his mail program to send messages to you in only plain text format.
  4. Save the message source in a text file, and get a web browser to open this file as HTML. This may require some fiddling to get it work, and is not something you want to do every day. You may also have to use the "view attachment" feature of your emailer to see pictures in the HTML text.
  5. Switch to a mail program which has better facilities for reading HTML in e-mail.

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