Who developed the MHTML standard?

The MHTML standard for sending HTML in e-mail was developed by a team of IETF e-mail experts led by Einar Stefferud, one of the grand old masters of Internet e-mail. Co-authors of the standard were Alex Hopmann from Microsoft, Jacob Palme from Stockholm University/KTH and Nick Shelness from Lotus. Ed Levinson authored two important auxilliary standards.

Other people who contributed to the standard were Harald T. Alvestrand, Richard Baker, Isaac Chan, Dave Crocker, Martin J. Duerst, Lewis Geer, Roy Fielding, Ned Freed, Al Gilman, Paul Hoffman, Andy Jacobs, Richard W. Jesmajian, Mark K. Joseph, Greg Herlihy, Valdis Kletnieks, Daniel LaLiberte, Jay Levitt, Albert Lunde, Larry Masinter, Keith Moore, Gavin Nicol, Martyn W. Peck, Pete Resnick, Jon Smirl, Jamie Zawinski and Steve Zilles.

Copyright ©: I claim no copyright to this document, anyone is free to use it in news reporting or in marketing of their mhtml-compliant software / Jacob Palme, 11 April 1998 revised 18 May 1998.