MHTML Agenda for IETF meeting March-April 1998

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  1. The questionnaire to implementors on which features they have chose to implement
    1. Is it too detailed?
    2. Is something missing which should be there?
    3. Is it OK that implementors can, but are not required, to report also on features soon coming in their implementation?
    4. When is the right time to ask implementors to fill in the questionnaire?
  2. Any issues left on the new proposed standard.
  3. When are we planning to start producing a draft standard?
  4. The informational draft If someone has the time to read it, we could check it chapter by chapter:
    1. Implementation methods
    2. Problems with rewriting URIs when copying HTML documents
    3. Caching of body parts
    4. Recipients which cannot handle the Multipart/related Content-Type
    5. Use of the Content-Type: Multipart/alternative
    6. Recipient may not have full Internet connectivity
    7. Encoding of non-ascii characters
    8. Conversion from HTTP to MIME
  5. Any other issues.