Changes from version 05 to version 06

Changes from draft-ietf-mhtml-spec-05 to draft-ietf-mhtml-spec-06

13 January 1997 by Jacob Palme.

I do not believe that any of these changes is controversial.

The following text has been added as a temporary preface:

A note to the RFC editor: If the memo referenced as [HTML-I18N] has notbeen assigned an RFC number when the memo below is published, you willhave to remove the references to [HTML-I18N]. That reference is notcrucial to the memo below.

Changes to the main text

Some trivial errors in the examples have been corrected: A fewerroneous double-quotes where the syntax does not specify quoting hasbeen removed and "http:/" has been changed to "http://" in one place.

Changes to the list of references

Some references to IETF drafts have been changed to refer to RFCs,since these drafts have now been published as RFCs.

Changes to the list of authors:

The organization and address for Alexander Hopmann has been updated.

Changes from draft-ietf-mhtml-info-05 to draft-ietf-mhtml-info-06

I do not believe that any of these changes is controversial.

Added text immediately before chapter 4.1:

Below is described different implementation methods. Realimplementations may sometimes combine ideas from more than one of thedifferent methods described below.

New text for chapter 8.2:

Multipart/alternative outside Multipart/related

(b) The multipart/alterantive is put outside the Multipart/Related,with Multipart/Related as one alternative and Multipart/Mixed as theother alternative. Note however that the [MHTML] does not recommendlinks from inside Multipart/Related to objects outside of theMultipart/Related, so putting inline images outside theMultipart/Related is not suitable. Instead, such inline images may haveto repeated in both branches of the multipart/alternative with this method.



   Boundary: boundary-example-1

      Content-Type: Multipart/mixed; boundary="boundary-example-3"

         Content-Type: Text/plain; charset=US-ASCII

         ... plain text version of the message
for recipients
         whose mailers cannot handle Text/HTML

      Content-Type: Image/GIF

         ... A picture associated with the plain
text message  ...

      Content-Type: Multipart/related; boundary="boundary-example-1";


      --boundary-example 2
         Content-Type: Text/HTML; charset=US-ASCII


         ... text of the HTML document ...

      Content-Type: Image/GIF

         ... a body part, to which the HTML document
has a link  ...

Changes to the list of references

Some references have been changed from referring to IETF drafts torefer to the corresponding RFC.