Draft Agenda MHTML in Montreal, June 1996

Version one, 5 Jun 1996 from Jacob Palme E-mail: jpalme@dsv.su.se. at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University/KTH

This draft agenda can be found at URL:
Revised versions might become available as draft-agenda-2, 3, etc.

The issues in this draft agenda are more fully described in the issues list. The issues in this draft agenda are the same as in the issues list and listed in the same order, except that I have mode the three most controversial to the top of the agenda, to be discussed first.


: draft-ietf-mhtml-spec
: draft-ietf-mhtml-spec
: draft-ietf-mhtml-info
: draft-ietf-mhtml-related
The issue numbers in the table below refer to the issues in the issues list.
Issue Minutes Description
8 15 Require exact match of links and Content-Location headers
7 10 Linked body parts SHOULD or MUST be inside multipart/related
9 10 Multipart/related versus Content-Disposition
2a 3 LWSP in URL-s in e-mail headers
2b 10 Encoding of 8-bit characters in URL-s in e-mail headers
3 3 Resolving relative URLs
4 10 Support for fast rendering
5 3 Allow File URLs
6 3 Allow non-IETF URIs
10a 10 Encoding of 8-bit characters in HTML bodies: HTML or Quoted-Printable
10b Encoding of 8-bit characters in HTML bodies: Allow Base64 too
10c 10 Line breaks must be CRLF
11 10 Conformance requirements
12 5 Multipart/related become a proposed or draft standard?
13 10 Multipart/related issues
14 5 An informational RFC?
15 5 Implementation methods
16 5 Recipients who cannot handle multipart/related
17 5 Multipart/alternative
18 5 Recipients without full Internet connectivity
19 10 Default ACTION in forms
1 3 Keep Alex Hopmann as editor?
20 10 Reports on implementation status for various implementations
20 10 Future work plan
21 5 Any other issues

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