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Jacob Palme: Electronic mail

Corrections to first edition published January 1995

Last update 27 October 1996

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Page 53:

Change "In Internet, these methods are called privacy enhanced mail (PEM) or pretty good privacy (PRP)" to " There are two methods used in Internet mail for this, Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) and Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)"

Page 20 below figure 5.2:


typing was only 20 % of the working time for personnel and 6 % of the total wage cost.


typing was only 20 % of the working time for personnel costing 6 % of the total wage costs.

Page 138 Figure 8.30:


Page 140 Section 8.6.6:



MIME also allows a message to contain, instead of the text of the message, a reference to some place where the message is stored and can be retrieved. To indicate this, the content-type MESSAGE/EXTERNAL-BODY is used.

And change the description of MULTIPART/DIGEST to:

MULTIPART/DIGEST to indicate that this is a collection of several messages written by different authors.

Page 143 list of functions provided by X.400 but not by Internet e-mail, addition:

An Internet standard for delivery notifications was announced in the beginning of 1996, but it is not yet widely implemented. For more information, see URL

Page 152 Section 8.8:


The Usenet News protocol is called network news transfer protocol and is specified in RFC 1036.


The Usenet News protocol is called Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) and is specified in RFC 977. The standard for the format of Usenet News articles is specified in RFC 1036.

Page 170:

Change "UCCP" to "UUCP".

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