Documents about groupware tools to support distance education

By Jacob Palme, e-mail:, at the research group for CMC (Computer Mediated Communication) in the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University and KTH. Last update 23 October 1997. The URL of this web page is

Roxanne Hiltz first developed these ideas in her Virtual Classroom extensions for teaching to EIES2. Tarja Lintunen and Kent Jansson studied her ideas, and Majid Aram developed a prototype for a new software designed for this. Tarja Lintunen, Sirkku Männikö and Jacob Palme tested the ideas using a conference system without these extensions. Jacob Palme has for many years unsuccessfully tried to get funding to implement these ideas in the Web4Groups conferencing system.

[ACM 1997]

ACM Specia interest group on use of Computer in Computer Scienc Education.

[Aram 1996]

A prototype of a computer conferencing system with special support for distance education, DSV prototype, URL:

[Chen 1997]

CMC in education, a list of web links:

|Fåhræus, Eva 1996]

A weave of school and society (In Swedish: Väv ihop skolan med världen!) URL for Swedish document:

[Harasim et al 1995]

Learning Networks: A Field Guide to Teaching and Learning ONline. MIT Press, May 1995, ISBN 0262082365.

[Hiltz 1995A]

The virtual classroom: Learning Without Limits via Computer Networks, by Starr Roxanne Hiltz. Ablex Publishing ISBN: 0-89391-928-4.

[Hiltz 1995B]

Teaching in a virtual classroom, by Starr Roxanne Hiltz, 1995 International Conference on Computer Assisted Instruction. URL:

[Jansson 1995]

Special functions in computer conferencing for distance education (in Swedish, Swedish title: Specialfunktioner i konferenssystem för att stödja distansundervisning), DSV report, URL for Swedish version:, URL for English translation:

[Lintunen 1994]

Special functions in CMC systems to support distance education (in Swedish, Swedish title: Speciella funktioner i CMC-system för att stödja distansundervisning), DSV report, URL for Swedish version:

[Männikö and Palme1996]

An experiment with interactive teaching using a non-simultaneous computer conferencing system (in Swedish, Swedish title: Ett försök med interaktiv undervisning med hjälp av ett icke-samtidigt datorkonferenssystem ). DSV report.

URL for Swedish version:

URL for abbreviated English version:

[Palme 1994]

Use of computer conferencing for distance education (in Swedish, Swedish title: Användning av datorstödda konferenssystem för distansundervisning), DSV report, URL for Swedish document:

[Palme 1997]

Groupware tools to support distance education. At URL:

[Placeware 1997]

PlaceWare Auditorium, live training and conferencing on the Web. At URL: