Johnny Boy and Johnny Cancer with the Screaming Donkeys form hell machine.

Well, since the times of demo-tapes are long time dead, heres the demo-homepage of Johnny Boy and Johnny Cancer with the Screaming Donkeys from Hell machine. We're a rockroll/blues/garage/punk/whatever twomanband formed in the spring of 2001. The band consists of Johnny Cancer - drums and guitar and Johnny Boy - singer and sometimes some harp. Anyway, if you want to hear what it sounds like we got some mp3:s downloadable from here. Some of the songs are raw mixes, some of them are more like snap-shots from work in progress.

Pic of Johhny Boy and Johnny Cancer playing live under the bridge, august 2001

Songs to download:
Them hippy chix (raw mix 1.6 M)
Youre next (raw mix 5.2 M)
Twenty-dollar man (snap-shot 4.0 M)

Perfection is for the weak.

Upcoming gigs:

Summertime=time for the annual Under Bron-Festival be there or be square!!, jonny's gonna sing there, ya know...
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last update: 02-07-2002.
Upcoming updates:
full gig schedual, more text, more mp3:s:))