CAiSE - International Conference on Advanced information Systems Engineering

The following is a letter to colleagues written by Janis A Bubenko jr and Arne Solvberg in 1990.

Dear colleague,

The CAiSE conferences have been arranged in 1989 and 1990 in Stockholm, and will be arranged next time May 13-15, 1991, in Trondheim, Norway. Among the most important objectives of the conferences has been to provide a forum for the exchange of experience, research results, ideas and prototypes between the research community and industry, in the field of information systems engineering.

When we arranged for the first CAiSE conferences to be held in Stockholm and Trondheim, our intention was to create an annual Scandinavian conference. After discussions with colleagues we have become convinced that we should use the CAiSE initiative as a platform for a truly international conference, to be arranged also in other countries than in Scandinavia.

In this way we intend to contribute to creating an annual meeting place and a focal point for Information Systems Engineers and Researchers from all over the world. It seems to us that there is a need for such a meeting place in the field of Information Systems Engineering. Other conferences, like VLDB and the IFIP TC8 working conferences, satisfy this need only partially.

Both of us have been deeply involved in VLDB as well as in IFIP TC8 for many years. We should certainly like to view our initiative as supplement to ongoing VLDB and IFIP activities. VLDB is very successful in the database field. The IFIP TC8 conferences are profiled towards particular subjects of relevant and timely research, one restricted profile for each conference. The planned CAiSE conferences are intended to be annual events, based on a combination of submitted papers and tutorials/invited presentations, and run in a normal, open-conference fashion, with a scientific scope which is fairly similar from year to year.

The success of our initiative depends on the positive interest of the international research community, of its willingness to submit papers, and to of its interest in participating in the conference. Through this letter we want to solicit your opinion on our initiative. You are a distinguished member of the Information Systems resarch community. Your active interest and participation is therefore much needed in order to make future ICAiSE conferences successful. Your opinion is important when decisions about future ICAiSE conferences shall be made.

Preliminary plans for a 1992 conference have been made to arrange it in the U.K. (Peri Loucopoulos, Keith Jeffery). We have also had indications of interest from Holland (Eckhard Falkenberg) and France (Colette Rolland).

Please note that the deadline for submissions to CAiSE'90 is November 30, 1990. We look forward to have your active participation in Trondheim May 13-15, 1991. We solicit your views on future ICAiSE conferences.

Sincerely yours,

Janis A. Bubenko jr. and Arne Solvberg