Wapalizer-To automatically create a WAP portal from a web portal

founded by VINNOVA , August 1, 2002 - July 31, 2004

Project participants

Hercules Dalianis, associate professor, (Docent)
Johan Carlberger, civ.ing
Martin Hassel, fil mag
Adam Blomberg, teknolog

Rolf Lindgren

Skurups Kommun
Bengt Olsson

Euroling AB

Voxway and Pipebeach Speechwebb

The goal of the Wapalizer project is from a public web place to automatically create a mobile WAP-portal.
The aim of the project is to show a plausible technique where one is not forced to manually maintain many different information places for Internet and WAP. To do this will an interface for speech control and speech synthesis of the WAP portal also be added.
The basic tool for the construction of the WAP portal will be Euroling AB's search engine SiteSeeker which today is used by twenty Swedish municipalities and two political parties.
SiteSeeker search spider will be updated with an HTML to WML (WAP) converter. Speech control and speech synthesis will be supplied by Presector AB which is specialized on such applications.
The pilot case will be Skurup municipality in south Sweden (Skåne).
Wapalizer will make public web sites available also for persons without access to computers, but with access to mobile units such as mobile phones and PDA (Personal Digital Assistant, eg Palmpilot).

SiteSeeker Voice - Demo and report

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