Pressrelease Norfa - Oct 9, 2002

Pressrelease Norfa October 9, 2003

DanSum, the first text summariser for Danish, has been constructed by Danish
researchers from Center for Sprogteknologi, CST in Copenhagen, and Swedish
researchers from KTH in Stockholm. The work has been conducted within the
frames of ScandSum, a projekt within the Language Technology programme
administrated by NorFA.

A text summariser is a programme that automatically extracts the most relevant
parts of a text and constructs a brief non-redundant version of the original
text. DanSum is based on the technology of a Swedish text summariser called
SweSum, that has been given language specific Danish modules. The work has been
conducted by Dorte Haltrup, CST and Martin Hassel, NADA-KTH, under the
supervision of dr Jürgen Wedekind, CST, and Associate professor Hercules
Dalianis of the NADA-KTH.

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