Hercules Dalianis, Ph.D, professor

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DSV-Stockholm University
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Stockholm, Sweden

Ph: +46 8 16 16 16
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Clinical Text Mining - Secondary use of Electronic Health Patient Records by Dalianis, Springer, Open Access, 2018.

Informationssökning på Internet av Våge, Dalianis, Iselid, Studentlitteratur 2003, new print 2008, ISBN:9789144053691

Curriculum Vitae

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Popular Science Articles

Research Infrastructure Swedish Health Record Research Bank - Health Bank

Health Bank Annotated data, Health Bank annoterat data


Natural Language Processing - NLP, 7.5 hp.

Internet Search Techniques and Business Intelligence, ISBI, 7.5 hp.

Ongoing projects

Federated Health: A Nordic Federated Health Data Network, funded by Nordic Innovation via Nordforsk.

ClinCode - Computer-Assisted Clinical ICD-10 Coding for improving efficiency and quality in healthcare at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research in Tromsø, North-Norway, funded by the Norwegian research council.

DataLEASH: LEarning And SHaring under Privacy Constraints, funded by the Swedish government Strategic Research Area Information and Communication Technology the Next Generation (ICT TNG).

Completed projects

Health Bank deidentification tool and its practical use, Stiftelsen för strategisk forskning.

Artificial Intelligence analyses the patient records. Is this possible and can that improve healthcare? Book project, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.

VRI-proaktiv-Nya arbetssätt och IT-stöd för att bekämpa vårdrelaterade infektioner, Vinnova.

MINECAN, Data and text mining of cancer symptoms and comorbidities in electronic patient records in the Nordic languages, Nordforsk.

NIASC-Nordic Center of Excellence in Health-Related e-Sciences, Nordforsk.

AVID - Avidentifiering för sekundär användning av patientjournaler, Region Stockholm.

High-Performance Data Mining for Drug Effect Detection, Stiftelsen för strategisk forskning.

Detect-HAI - Detection of Hospital Acquired Infections through language technology, Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset.

Interlock: Stockholm - San Diego - Inter-Language collaboration in clinical NLP, Stockholms universitet.

Comorbidity-View: Visualisation of comorbidity network, DSV internprojekt.

IMAIL-Intelligent e-mail answering service for eGovernment Vinnova.

KEA-Knowledge Extraktion Agent project, Vinnova.

TvärSök - Tvärspråklig sökning på skandinaviska (in English), Nordforsk.

Exact-Intelligent Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Case-Based Reasoning for profitable industrial applications, KK-stiftelsen.

Guest professorship at CST University of Copenhagen, Nordforsk.

ScandSum-Summarization network in Scandinavia Nordforsk

Wapalizer-To automatically create a WAP portal from a web portal, Vinnova.

SeaSum - Search and Summarize, Vinnova.

VOLVEX - Validation Of Specifications by Natural Language Generation for VOLVO expressed in STEP/EXPRESS, Volvo Research Foundation; the Volvo Educational Foundation; the Dr. Pehr G. Gyllenhammar Foundation.

VINST-Validation and Integration of Specifications, Vinnova.


HB Deid - Automatisk avidentifiering av text

SweSum - An automatic text summarizer for Swedish and other languages


Civ. Ing. Thomas Vakili, my Ph.D. student

Civ. Ing. Mila Grancharova, my former research assistent

B.Sc. Hanna Berg, my former research assistent

Dr, Civ. Ing. Rebecka Weegar, my former Ph.D student, now substitute lecturer at DSV

Dr. Andrea Andrenucci, my former Ph.D student, now tenured lecturer at DSV.

Dr. Civ. Ing. Aron Henriksson, my former Ph.D student now tenured lecturer at DSV

Dr., Civ. Ing. Maria Skeppstedt, my former Ph.D student

Dr. Sumithra Velupillai, my former Ph.D student, now post doc at Kings College, London and KTH.

Dr. Martin Hassel, my former Ph.D student at NADA-KTH, now tenured lecturer at DSV

Founder of Euroling AB- SiteSeeker

What is text summarization? and Vad är textsammanfattning?(in Swedish)

Automatic writing: Automatic text generation and summarization

What is information retrieval with HLT techniques?

Hur genererar datorn text? (in Swedish (HTML) av Hercules Dalianis

ASTROGEN - Aggregated deep and Surface naTuRal language GENerator av Hercules Dalianis

Hercules Dalianis. 1983. Undersökning av plasma-neutralgas växelverkan", Institutionen för Plasmafysik, KTH, Masteruppsats

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