[an error occurred while processing this directive] A large part of my teaching is programming courses, and since I like to try out techniques practically this has resulted in a few programs available here. They are all free, but only free as in gratis. I retain all other rights to them unless otherwise noted. This basically means that it is perfectly all right for you to download them, use them on as many computers as you like, give copies to your friends, etc, but you may not charge money for them or try to pass them off as your own or part of bigger deals. A couple of attempts has been made to sell Stitch on Ebay for example. This is clearly in violation of the licence.
Stitch Stitch is a program for making cross stitch designs. It seems to be quite popular. One good featrue with it is that it is that you chose what language you want to have the program in. I support Swedish and English, but users of the program has added support for Spanish, French, and, Italian
Predictor Predictor is one of the results of my Ph.D. studies. It is a program for making predictions of the cost of a software project. It is no longer activly maintainde, but I will continue to support it.
PetC PetC is a program that I developed as part of my masters thesis work. It is a simulator of finite state machines.
Screen Hacks A screen hack is a small program that does something funny. Once upon a time I for example had one for DOS that made the characters in the window dance greek folk dances. Here are a few that I have written for windows.
Smiley Generator This was one of the first programs that I ever wrote in Delphi, my favourite development environment. It is a smiley generator, and it still works splendidly, more than five years after its development :-)