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  1. What is PetC ?
  2. What does PetC mean anyway ?
  3. Is PetC freeware ?

What is PetC

PetC is a program for simulating Finite State Automata. It was (is) developed as part of my Masters Thesis work. The program gives you a graphical environment where you can design and alter FSAs using direct-manipulation and apply numerous operations on it.

What does PetC mean anyway ?

PetC is an acronym for Panem et Circenses. (Ok, I admit, I was bored when I made up the name)
For those of you who don't now what the quote means, it is from Juvenal (A.D. c.60-c.130) who in "Of the citizen these days" wrote "Duas tantum res anxius optat, Panem et circenses." which means "Only two things does he worry about or long for, bread and circuses".

Is PetC Freeware ?

No, PetC is not freeware. It is copyrighted by me Henrik Bergström 1997. Permission is granted however to any non-profit use. If you find the program interesting/useful, please let me now. The easiest way to do that is to send an email to me.