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This page isn't up to date. The material is correct, but need to be updated to reflect the current content of the site.

This page provides a shortcut to most things that you can download from these pages plus a couple of other things that did not fit in anywhere else. Feel free to use the material here, but remember to read the licence agreements and/or read-me files that accompanies most of the material. If nothing else is said the material is freely available for personal use, but NOT for ANY type of commercial. The latter also includes distribution and mirroring.

Delphi components

Sorry, the components has been temporarily removed. The whole component structure is to be reworked


File Info
smiley.zip A totally silly little program that I wrote several years ago in Delphi 1. Its purpose? To design Smileys :-)
petc.zip A program that I wrote as part of my masters thesis work. It allows its user to visually design finite state machines using drag'n drop. The program has been used for a few years now at a course here at DSV and the students seemed to appreciate it. The program has its own homepage
predictor.zip One of the main deliverables of the PPL project was Predictor, a tool for cost and effort estimation of software projects. The program has its own homepage
predictor_small.zip If you have the BDE installed already you can use this smaller distribution of Predictor instead. (~1.5mb)
Stitch Stitch is a program for creating cross stitch patterns that I developed for my mother, although I must admit that I also used it to test many programming techniques that I had been interested in. It actually turned out quite well, and can be downloaded from its homepage


File Info
master.zip My masters thesis. It deals with application and minimisation of finite state automata. The main contribution of the work is probably the program that was developed, PetC.
propertyeditor.zip Describes the development of my first property editor. It is written in a very "talky" way where I describe every step of the way including most of the mistakes I did during the work. Also shows how to stream unpublished properties to the dfm-file.
course97.zip Documentation I wrote for a course I held in Delphi for the Computer section in 1997. It was meant only as a support for the participants and written in a very short time (the work was non-profit after all) ,so its very fragmentary. In swedish.
java98.zip Compendium on Java syntax I wrote for the course "DSVL2:2 Programming Language Theory" in the fall 1998. Covers most of the basic Java syntax. Better written than the one above, but still leaves a bit to be desired. In swedish. 
fris99.zip Aspects of Case Based Reasoning for Cost and Effort Estimation - A Preliminary Study, in Proceedings of the Workshop on Futures in Information Systems and Software Engineering Research, B. G. Lundberg, Ed. Stockholm, Sweden, 1999.
ictai99.zip A Family of Delphi Components for Case-Based Reasoning, in Proceedings of ICTAI'99, 1999.
csit.zip??? Predictor, A Prediction Support Tool, in Proceedings of CSIT 2000. Ufa, Russia, 2000.