Encourage the use of public transit

May 2008 - KTH project

The purpose of this project was to design an interactive system to promote or encourage the use of public transit. This was a group project and it has four parts. The first was to apply brainstorming and bodystorming techniques, the second was to define the personas, the third was the sketching and the final one was the prototyping and the evaluation.
The solution we gave was an interactive touch screen with a map and other useful services on it, placed in the stations, outside the parking areas or somewhere outside in the city. The users can find the route they want to follow, information about energy consumption, parking areas or even information about various sightseeings in the city.
The idea of the "tree" was based on an attempt to provide a solution that would promote environmental awareness.
This project was implemented during the course "Methodology of Interaction Design".